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Methadone Abuse Side Effects

Methadone abuse has become common due to it being readily available, both legally and on black markets. Another reason for the increase in the abuse of Methadone is that it is cheap compared to other drugs which produce similar effects.

Methadone is legal in many countries where it is prescribed to treat people suffering from diseases such as cancer and liver problems. It is also useful in alleviating the symptoms of withdrawing from other opiates such as heroin but only when under the correct medical supervision.

Despite all the positives, there are instances when methadone is abused and this is when it can become very dangerous. One side effect of methadone abuse is that the drug causes a relaxation and general weakness of muscle tone which results in the heart pumping at reduced efficiency and a lack of blood being pumped through the body which then leads to a greater risk of heart attacks.

Methadone Abuse Side Effects

The other major side effect is that Methadone causes breathing difficulties for patients; this has been identified as being particularly severe in infants of breast feeding mothers who are taking the drug and pass it to their baby through their breast milk. Administering the drug to mothers during delivery has also been identified as causing problems to the infant.

A person who is abusing Methadone will tend to have reduced concentration levels and a student falling asleep in class, is often how the alarm is initially raised, another sign of abuse may be that performance deteriorates. People operating machines while affected by Methadone tend to get injured due to a lack of concentration on the task in hand. Addicts may also ask you to repeat information several times as they are unable to easily assimilate what you are saying.

As the patient becomes fully dependent on the drug, any attempt to stop using will make them suffer severe and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, muscle twitching, an unstable gait, general weakness, tremors or fainting.

Methadone can make blood pressure fall and make the patient feel dizzy when they stand up quickly. Double and blurred vision can occur either after taking large quantities of the drug or from a continued abstinence from it.

Another common effect of prolonged usage is an increasing tolerance to methadone which in turn compels the patient to take the drug in larger quantities in order to maintain the normal functions of the body. In extreme conditions patients are compelled to combine Methadone with other drugs such as alcohol or heroin in order to maintain the desired levels of ecstasy.

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